1 definition by Eugene Terre'Blanche

The complete and final devotion of your actual being to one single person other than yourself in a romantic fashion. Limerence creates a spiritual image with almost divine traits of the person you love that may have nothing to do with their actually existing person. It is a state of mind, fully captivating the heart, soul and spirit, that might last until the end of your life. All your actions, every step you take shall be done for that person you love only. In every hour, on every day you will think of only him or her. The other person's rejection of you will also be your downfall.
Oswald: I declare myself to be limerent over Victoria. And as such I declare myself to be completely devoted to her, and every moment of my life shall be dedicated to her.
Winston: Nah, limerence sucks, go fuck some whores bruh tbh
by Eugene Terre'Blanche February 13, 2016