3 definitions by Erueti

Same meaning as good as gold from the 'good as x' family.
Wood is good right? Think about it? No wood is no good at all now is it?
Tumpa: "Hey, are we on for tonight?"

Eru: "Yeah, we're good as wood"
by Erueti April 05, 2006
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A woman too old to be dressing like J-Lo similar to
"mutton dressed as lamb".
"Simmer down Grey-Lo, no cut's"
by Erueti April 05, 2006
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An indian geek usually found stressing him/her self to death in a computer sci masters degree and sucking up to the supervisor in the hopes that this will one day seal a network supervisor posistion of a multinational information technolgy company.
Dave: "Man, have you met that new guy Rakesh yet? Is he f--ken anal or what?"

Phil: "I know bro. That know-it-all ghee_k pisses me off. Who climb up his arse and laid code?
by Erueti August 10, 2006
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