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A woman too old to be dressing like J-Lo similar to
"mutton dressed as lamb".
"Simmer down Grey-Lo, no cut's"
by Erueti April 05, 2006
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Same meaning as good as gold from the 'good as x' family.
Wood is good right? Think about it? No wood is no good at all now is it?
Tumpa: "Hey, are we on for tonight?"

Eru: "Yeah, we're good as wood"
by Erueti April 05, 2006
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An indian geek usually found stressing him/her self to death in a computer sci masters degree and sucking up to the supervisor in the hopes that this will one day seal a network supervisor posistion of a multinational information technolgy company.
Dave: "Man, have you met that new guy Rakesh yet? Is he f--ken anal or what?"

Phil: "I know bro. That know-it-all ghee_k pisses me off. Who climb up his arse and laid code?
by erueti August 10, 2006
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