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Pointless, inane and generally uncompleted activities performed whilst under the influence of crack/ice.
Mike looked up from his sweet puff and witnessed the 'cracktivities' of Joe and Amanda who had been indulging in too much ice and had decided to clean, sort and label in alphabetical order all of the tupperware in the kitchen cupboard who were however sidetracked by videos of squirrels on YouTube video and then ironically decided to report their adventures with a very long winded Urban Dictionary entry explaining said activities.
by ErinNina/ShiftySly January 08, 2016

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Conversations with good friends esp. when inebriated, that rapidly jump from topic to topic with no preceding explanation.
How the hell did we get onto midget pron? Topical Parkour baby! Keep up!
by ErinNina/ShiftySly October 10, 2014

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