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1. Jeans that are often strong very high on a woman. Usually 3 to 4 inches above the belly botton. Often is seen at soccer games, baseball games, and other outdoor recreational activities.
CONTINUED. Usually is accompanied by a thin belt, and a tucked in shirt. Jeans are often broken in and are a warn in light blue type jeans.
CONTINUED. Also since the jeans are high strung in the crotch area it is also very likely to see a pouch type pertusion in the front, an upside down heart in the back, muffin topping on the top, or the famous panty lines.
Camel Toe is a common side affect of Mom Jeans.
God Damn, these pants are ridin me like Mom Jeans.

Nothin makes me more horny for soccer moms then Mom Jeans.
by Erik S April 16, 2006
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To cuff the duke!!! this is for the hardcore masturbaters. this is modern slang. It means to really rub out a good one A good place to cuff the duke is in a roomates bed while he is out pleasuring his lady friend. cuffing the duke is great when done alone or with mulitple partners. I recommend cuffing out many dukes today.
I am going to cuff the duke(masturbate hardcore), do not disturb!
by Erik S April 16, 2006
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