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When something is awesome but maybe a little scary too
That haunted skateboard just kickflipped itself, son! Shit was ghostbusters.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is straight-up ghostbusters.

The first Ghostbusters movie was aight -- kinda goofy -- but the second was ghostbusters, like literally and figuratively and spiritually, amen.
by eric c March 12, 2013

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The coolest Counter-Strike player and level designer ever.
"UNKNOWN just pwned you"
by Eric C January 28, 2005

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The commonly used word for a crazy, eccentric filthy construction worker. al ruffs are prone to being alcaholics.
"Last week al ruff was hammered and he tore the left side of the house down, and it has yet to be restored"
by Eric C June 07, 2004

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What men do to deterred the advances of woman
" My boyfriend’s not-so-sexy stache. "

"My friend Ruben says his 'stache has limited his ability to pick up women, but he insists on wearing it anyway." Woman repellent
by Eric c December 02, 2013

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