2 definitions by Enva

A phrase Sammie and Ava made up also if revering to a person normally someone who's being annoying or a nicer way of calling someone a bitch
Ava: Can you just stfu up

Sammie: Stop being such a puckered butthole
by Enva December 31, 2016
He is the most fucking annoying kid in the grade. The biggest teacher's pet. Shortass midget too. He acts like a bitch in the heat and is most probably gay. No offence though. He has no friends, even though he thinks he does. Plenty of people run away when they see him. But, once someone finally feels sorry for him enough and hangs around him, he becomes clingy as fuck. When he's in the wrong, he tries to cry his way out. He also has this disgusting bitch walk, that he says is absolutely beautiful.
Gabriel G. decided in his early stages of his life that he wanted to be hated by most of the people surrounding him.
by Enva November 19, 2019