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The act during a MMF threesome in which a man reaches around another man in a Mitchell-like maneuver and grabs the other man's penis.
Mitch gave Fred the ole' reacharound while they weren't pleasuring the girl that they double-teamed.
by Enrique February 27, 2005
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A gang originaly from Honduras, then it expanded to Guatemala, Chile, Mexico, and other Spanish countries, also in the U.S,its a highly dangerous gang, and it notable because its members have tear drops tatoos on their faces, its been heard that you have to kill atleast one person to enter to the gang. Its a extremly dangerous gang.

Also known as the Mala Salvatrucha
GUY:Hey look those ghettos kids
GUY2:Watch out homes, they are from the Mala Salatrucha, look at their face tattos
by Enrique November 24, 2004
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