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The slash (same sex) pairing of Panic! At the Disco band members Jon Walker and Spencer Smith.

JON Walker and SpenCER Smith; thus Joncer is born.
-squeel- Have you read the latest Joncer fic? Spencer is adorable!
by Emuerz May 04, 2007
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An interjection one says after teasing someone. Equivalent to "Kidding!"

To kidd or tease someone.
"Aww, I didn't think of that."
"You don't think at all... rank!"

"Calm down, I'm just ranking you."
by Emuerz October 12, 2007
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SFS (Acronym)

Synonym For Shitty

You know what you are? You're just a SFS.
by Emuerz March 30, 2007
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