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To play against the AI opponents in a video game and give them a serious beating.

The phrase "KICK BOT!" can be used to encourage yourself and your team mates before attempting to fight a challenging AI opponent.
Gamer Dude: "let's play some versus!"
Wimpy Dude: "Nah! You always beat me."
Gamer Dude: "Ok... well let's kick some bot then."
Wimpy Dude: "Alright! Let's do it!"
by EmteeMoe March 21, 2007
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Greenhouse and nursury labourer slang for any kind of ornamental spike grass. In this context the meaning of dude is more specific than usual. It references grass only and not any other kind of plant, object, or being.
worker 1: Load the top shelf with dude.
worker 2: ok.

customer: Do you have spikes?
worker: Yes ma'm, all of the dude is in the back.
by EmteeMoe July 03, 2006
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