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A compliment to another person which may be sarcastic, or not, but which compliments the other. The speaker may expect a response, but the receiver usually won't comment. Similar to a rhetorical question.
(In this scenario, a kid has 68 algebra problems to do)

Dad: How many problems have you done now, son?
Kid: 23.
Dad: You're making progress!

lll an example of a Rhetorical Compliment
by Emperorerror November 28, 2010
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Turdulolia is the scientific word for the world of excrement. Poop, crap, toilets, flushing, constipation - they're all in this category.
Teacher: Ok, today class, we will be learning about turdulolia - so who knows something about that?

Johnny: Me teacher! It's the scientific word for CRAP!
by Emperorerror March 21, 2010
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