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A mood stabiliser medication used to treat bipolar disorder (manic - depression) used as a song title by kurt - cobain because he was bipolar.. works by changing levels of chemical glutamate... very toxic and deadly in cases of overdose.. can cause hand tremours.
"remember to take your lithium tonight"
by Emmett October 09, 2003
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a SSRI. (selective-seritonin re-uptake inhibitor) anti-depressant taken for depression and sometimes anxiety related illnesses.. works by leveling out the seritonin levels in the brain, restoring natural brain chemistry which is low in cases of depression and other mental illnesses
take 50mg of prozac per day
by Emmett October 09, 2003
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somebody suffering from schitzophrenia or a insult to someone not suffering from schizophrenia but is a bit weird
Me: Ur a bit of a Skitz.
by Emmett October 09, 2003
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n. Synonym for drinking, esp. when a type of headgear that is makeshift is worn. i.e. a ginger ale box, a stick.
it's time for a fdrunkeding.
Emmett was off to his fdrunkeding so that he conld forget all, his hat would lead the way.
by Emmett March 13, 2004
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