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A humanoid species from a galaxy far, far away, which has come to our planet to form relationships with individual humans and refuses to leave, no matter how often it is given hints or flat out told to do so.
My ex-boyfriend won't stop calling me to "hang out" and talk about how depressed he is. What a Clingon. Yeah, with a 'c.' Cry me a river.
by Emblem Parade August 31, 2005

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Female mojo, because mojo is gender-neutral, and sometimes it's useful to make a distinction.
Add some more of that lipstick, girl. We gotta work our fojo tonight.
by Emblem Parade September 21, 2005

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Self-reflective, queer-aware, non-chauvenistic sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex.
She's no fag hag yet, but she's definitely making strides in developing her straightuality.
by Emblem Parade August 31, 2005

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