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Nickname for Cheektowaga, New York - a suburb just East of Buffalo.

Believed to be derived from the growing popularity of gambling in the Buffalo area. Area casinos are operated by Seneca Indians, who also named the town (Cheektowaga either means "land of the crabapples" or "land of the cheap Polish lawn flamingos").

Note: there aren't actually any casinos in Cheektavegas, they are in the surrounding area.
I grew up in Cheektavegas but moved to da Falls to be closer to da gosh dern casinos dere.
by EmbalmNadia December 28, 2011
V: A violent combination of pissing, shitting, and vomiting at the same time.

N: The combination of piss, shit and vomit in liquid form.
Dude, I went to go use the bathroom but some guy was pishting in the stall! Fuckin' gross!
by EmbalmNadia March 28, 2011