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Another word for a goth, or a person who associates themselves with that lifestyle. The word "gruftie" is likely used most commonly (and perhaps exclusively) in parts of the UK.
That guy's a Gruftie. He listens to The Damned and Bauhaus.
by Elliott Spook September 07, 2008

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Supplied with ample carbohydrates, the main source of fuel for bodily action.

Best used in the context of exercise or physical labour.
Devin: Yo Mitch, you good to go?
Mitch: Yeah bro, I'm hydrated and carbohydrated. Lets DO THIS!
by Elliott Spook August 01, 2010

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Someone who radiates hate
Damian: Fuck those noobs.

Tony: Don't be such a hatiater
by Elliott Spook August 19, 2009

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