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Awesome comedy sketch show from the early 90s. Best show out there for random and funny characters and scenes. Some popular characters from the Kids in the Hall include the Chicken Lady and the head-crushing guy.
One very very excellent sketch from the show is the "Daves I Know" song.

If you haven't already, watch it. Right now. Go.
"...some of them are Davids, but most of them are Daves. They all have their own hands, but they come from different mums."
by ElectricBlueCrayon July 10, 2005
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Punk is whatever it wants to be. It currently has a lot of "punk-pop" artists trying to become truly punk, but trying is part of what makes somebody un-punk. These bands have a place in normal rock status, or in their special "punk-pop", however, and have fans, so they're not totaly rejects.
a good example of a current and truly punk band is... well, I don't know. The good ones are the ones no one's ever heard of unless they're hardcore punk, which I am not remotely. Don't hate me for it.
by ElectricBlueCrayon July 9, 2005
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