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"There's no bum fodder!"
"Well, you'll just have to improvise."
by Eldarion December 6, 2004
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The aftermath of the Christmas celebrations.
"A great day but it was a nightmare cleaning up all that Christmess afterwards."
by Eldarion December 24, 2005
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A website that updates daily with coupon codes, price mistakes, hot deals, and other stuff to save you money when you're shopping online.
I check DealMeIn every day to see all the great deals posted.
by Eldarion February 5, 2004
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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Acclaimed British author and philologist. Born 1892, died 1973, aged 81. As well as holding the position of Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University twice, Tolkien authored what many consider to be the greatest book of the 20th Century, 'The Lord of the Rings'. His next most famous work is 'The Hobbit' and he also published various other poems and short stories. 'The Silmarillion' was published posthumously (based on previously unpublished work) by Tolkien's third son Christopher, along with 'The Letters Of J.R.R. Tolkien' and various other books dealing with Tolkien's mythology.
Q: Who wrote the Lord Of The Rings?
A: J.R.R. Tolkien.
by Eldarion November 12, 2004
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