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The artistic and culinary form of taking ones penis out of a vagina after a good and deep boning whilst trying not to spill ones "love nectar" inside in order to prevent the wicked syndrome/disease "knocked-up".
"Man, I tried to debone Ms. Lizzy after pounding that puna, but ended up jizzing in her ass instead."

"He tried deboning the chicken until it pecked his nuts."
by El Libertine March 22, 2010

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talentless, bad dressing, reality tv douche who became a glorified jobber with the WWE after losing to Daniel Puder on the last Tough Enough. Enjoys going down on his bosses and funyuns. faux hawks and bad music are his vices.
"Man, you're a Miz!" ="Man, you're an idiot!"

"I gotta take a Miz!" = "I gotta take a shit!"
by El Libertine March 21, 2010

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Visible, oral Herpes on a hood rat (hoodrat can be either female or male, as long as the person has participated in hoodrat like activities).
"That bitch Liz got the herpa derp from daniel."
by El Libertine March 21, 2010

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