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1.(Pronoun) The largest of all known Transformers. Often portrayed as a bringer of death and destruction. Has destroyed many planets to feed his never ending hunger for energy. Although immortal, body can be destroyed by immense power....that is only found in the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

First Appearence: August 2nd, 1986
First Death: August 2nd, 1986 (killed by Matrix)
Reappearence: Late 2004/Early 2005, Transformers Armada and later Energon.
Re-killed: Late 04/ Early 05. Destroyed by the Matrix in Armada, body possessed by Megatron which is later destroyed by Optimus Prime powerlinked to Omega Supreme.
Hot Rod: Unicron? Who's Unicron?
Krannix: A planet...that destroys every living thing in its path..
Kup: so thats the munsters name..

Transformers the Movie, 1986
by El Diablocron December 23, 2005
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1.(Pronoun) Vile, Despicable leader of the Decepticon Army during the first 2 seasons of the G1 Transformers series during the 80's. Came up with many plots and schemes that were often foiled by the Autobots. The only time he came closest to victory was during the last episode of Season 1..Heavy Metal War.
Shockwave: Laserbeak returns Megatron..
Megatron: Welcome Laserbeak! Unlike some of my other warriors, you never fail me!
by El Diablocron December 23, 2005
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