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Acronym for the "Big Man on Campus". Individual occupying the position of "Alpha Male" in his peer group. This person usually has a buffed physique, impeccably coiffed hair, wears stylish designer clothes, drives expensive cars, picks up the tab for all of his friends whenever he goes out to party and dominates at virtually every sport he plays. Most importantly, he gets copious amounts of pussy whenever he wants it.
Usually refers to Peter Tolias, who is the consummate BMOC.
by El Cornudo March 19, 2009

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Phrase often uttered by one spotting another during a free weight exercise involving extremely heavy lifting. Spoken during the last few reps being pushed, during which period the spotter pretends to assist the lifter, and the strain involved in lifting practically induces a stroke.
Spotter: Four...c'mon "John Abbott College"...c'mon...FIVE!

Lifter: (Unintelligible grunts)...

Spotter: ...SIX! It's all you, bro...it's all you.
by El Cornudo October 17, 2010

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Noun. A member of the U.S. Republican Party who eschews conservative social issues in favour of those political policies meant to perpetuate the priviledged position of himself and his wealthy fellow travelers. Sometimes also referred to as a "Country Club Conservative", "Republicrats" or "Rockefeller Republican", the latter term derived from former U.S. Vice President and Governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller. Checked Pant Republicans consistently pander to the plutocracy of the United States through the promotion of issues such as reduced progressivity of taxation, reduced restrictions on commerce through the elimination or reduction of regulation, the promotion of free trade through the unilaterial elimination of "protective" measures such as tarrifs, quotas, etc. (in short the promotion of a "School of Manchester/Chicago" approach to economics). In turn, they tend to ignore/downplay the social issues important to Cultural/Movement (aka "Real") Conservatives, such as the fight against abortion, the promotion of traditional, Western based, Judeo Christian cultural norms, unapologetic patriotism, the defence of the traditional nuclear family, the fight against the rise of cultural degeneracy, opposition to bilingual education, opposition to public acceptance/promotion of open homosexuality, school vouchers and prayers in school.
Republican Voter #1: "Hey, I'm, thinking of voting for Mitt Romney rather than New Gingrich. I just feel that Mitt better captures my feelings on Wall Street Fatcats getting richer through bailouts, Chinese imports gutting our manufacturing base through our unilateral elimination of tarrifs and quotas and our slide into a degenerate society that is being undermined by liberal values on basically everything."

Republican Voter #2: "Better think twice, son. Both Mitt and Newt are nothing but Checked Pant Republicans, conveniently masquerading in the primaries as Real Conservatives in order to win your vote.
by el cornudo January 27, 2012

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