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A Lolita, single mother of several children, who likes to create drama by crying and is especially adept at complaining about both food and drink that's served to her at a restaurant.
Cook #1 says: hey bro, looks like you need to cook that chicken for table 26 again.

Cook #2 says: Are you kidding me!!! That fat broad has sent it back 3 times already!!

Cook #1: what can I say dude, she seems like a real shitbitch.


Hey Bro, tell that stupid shitbich girlfriend of yours to shut the fuck up with all of her crying! She's more annoying than Chelbo!!
by El capitan de chelbo February 20, 2017

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A mischievous roommate that loves to break e smokes and fuck up everything in your life while you aren't looking.

Also, can be used as a verb, noun, pronoun or any other word for any situation.
Chelbo drank all the good beer bro.

Man, you really chelbo'd that one up dude.
by El capitan de chelbo July 06, 2016

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