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When a band releases an album where there's only a couple good songs, and they need more to make a whole album, so they make crappy songs knowing they aren't that great just to complete the CD since you need at least around 8 songs for a good CD.
The Shins' new album "Wincing the Night Away" has only a few great songs on it, and around 15 tunes in total, so they make a bunch of album fillers in order to make it a full-length album
by El Joey April 30, 2007

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The best show on television, period. Entourage is about 4 middle-aged guys from Queen's who are at the peak of their careers (Except for Johnny Chase), who go to parties, have sex, get drunk/stoned, and make movies. (Vince is the only one who actually makes movies, Eric is his manager, Turtle is a manager of rappers such as Saigon, and Johnny Chase is Vince's brother who has been trying to find a job for about 10 years since he started his cold strike). They all live in Vince's mansion and party 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Entourage is the best show ever made.
by El Joey April 27, 2007

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1) A very general way of saying "fuck that shit"
More like saying fuck everything.
2) A wicked 53 second song by The Sons of Butcher that has only 4 words in the lyrics: Fuck, the, Shit,and Yea.
1) If you're dumped by your girlfriend, about to get evicted from your house, bankrupt, fired from your job; open your window and scream "Fuck The Shit!!!" at the top of your lungs
2) Fuck the shit, fuck the fuckin’ shit fuck
Shit the fuck, shit the shitty fuck shit
Fuck the shit, fuck the fuckin’ shit fuck
Shit the fuck, shit the shitty fuck shit
Fuck, The, Shit
Fuck, Yea!
by El Joey June 02, 2007

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Very similar to exclaiming Holy shit! But with the 'terrific' at the end, you are exclaiming holy shit as a good thing.
Ex.: holyshiteriffic ! My favorite episode of South Park is on!
by El Joey November 02, 2006

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