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Verb; to take off any top from any bottle. A synonym could be the verb 'to unplug'.
Edwin, I can't distop this 2-litter soda, the plastic top is so tight. Could u help me distop it, please? See in Spanish 'destapar' and 'destapador' if u know what I mean.
by Edwin P January 26, 2008

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verb; messing something like a cake or your hair.
verb; the opposite of combing.
Mom, I'm trying to fix my hair and Edwin keeps discombing it so tell him to stop.

Why did you come all discombed to the party?

You're all discombed, you should go upstairs and comb yourself.
by Edwin P February 19, 2008

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Verb; remembering in a mistakable way, remember in a wrong event, actually mistakingly remembering.
You are misremembering because the party was on Friday, not on Saturday. Edwin always misremembers.
by Edwin P January 21, 2008

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