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1. One's unprecedented essence, generally of happy, silly, charismatic, and carefree natures. Ness is slightly esoteric in current society due to the fact that most people possessing Ness are unaware of it.

2. A unique entity possessed by every person often but not always stemming from a degree of innocence and appreciation.

3. Foundation of character often compared to or related to child-like wonder, silliness, energy, individualism, optimism, simple beauty, moxie.

4. Those who have tapped into or embrace their Ness are commonly also found to be eclectic, free-spirited, eccentric, enthusiastic, energetic, tolerant, accepting, and generally make the world a better place.

5. The presence of that "feel good" factor seen at the end of Family Genre and Disney movies.

See: Indigo children, inner sparkle, sunshiny people, and enlightenment
-Marina is so nessy!
-That movie had so much Ness in it.
-My ex-boyfriend killed my Ness, I need help awakening it again.
by Educhyld April 21, 2011

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