4 definitions by ETON SOUPE

What you say when you agree on a time to meet up to do the nasty.
Paco: so does 6:25 to 7:30 work?
Sarah: for fun time?
Paco: sí, por supuesto
Sarah: lit rally madness
by ETON SOUPE June 26, 2019
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An event that is considered "almost bad-ass" or "not quite bad-ass"; running with scissors. (In place of a verb)
Holy sh*t! That guy just totally scissor ran that handy-capped parking spot with his motorcycle!; Woah! Dude, you can't just scissor run that guy with your car! There was a stop sign there!; OMG!! I just scissor ran that fire hydrant... even though it was only two feet tall.
by ETON SOUPE January 26, 2015
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A person so nuts or "ape-shit crazy" that they disturb peace, daily life, and very possibly the very fabric of the universe.
OMFG! Mrs. Puttana is such a crazy ass mother fucking bitch for giving us a eighteen page essay over Winter break! How I am supposed to enjoy my childhood like this?!
by ETON SOUPE February 04, 2015
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A that person jiggles with every waking step, revealing their oversized bodies; looks like whale fat.
Holy sh*t! that kid is so blubbery, I can feel the ground shaking.
by ETON SOUPE January 25, 2015
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