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A stoner is a person who does recreational drugs, most commonly marijuana. He/she is usually a passive, analizing person who rarely has bad intentions although he or she may hurt someone but only out of innoncence and distraction. People link stoners with dumb individuals or losers; this is not the case for the most part.
A perfect example of the explanation above is me and my group of friends. We all smoke weed, some more than others, but at the end we are all good people. Me and my stoner friends all perform well in school; I got 1200's in my SAT and I had 2 bowls the previous night to relax before going to sleep. Other drugs that I've experimented with include Shrooms(twice) & Ecstacy(once) I have a steady relationship with my girlfriend (another stoner) and we enjoy being with each other always, with or without weed. For those who hate on bud because you believe it makes you a lousy driver, I've been driving for 1 year and I've driven high before and never gotten into a car accident. I dont recommend you hotbox while driving, not because you'll be high, but because the cops might stop you. Drugs affect each person differently, just know your limit and have FUN
by EPB October 11, 2007
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A wonderfully boyfriend, and is very attractive. A Sky Sevart can be found playing video games with his friends, making YouTube videos, or hanging out in the basement with his girlfriend. If you see a Sky, don't be alarmed, they are quite harmless when it comes to violence and are not usually aggressive.
Omg you see that guy over there? He's such a Sky Sevart...
by epb June 04, 2012
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