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Noun. a LARGE roll of cash bound by a rubber band. Usually simular in shape as a large roll of cheese.
E-40 lyrics "Wrap cheese in a rubba band, call it a guda"
by EMENTA1 February 3, 2010
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From the sport of paintball, in the form G(number) or if a player were to ask for a G count. The G count is the number of dead opponents. G count is used to keep communication with your team and plan out attacks to close out a game. G counts can range from 1-7 at tournaments but usually a lot more at local fields where G counts are usually off.
(see example 1)

Some times used to pinpoint an actually player as being dead.
(see example 2)
Front player: "Whats the G count?"
Back player: "G6, Back Right only"
Front player: "Alright i'm gonna bunker him"

Front player: "Snakes hot!!!! I'm pinched!"
Mid player: "Got him!"(shoots out snake player)
Mid player: "Snakes a G! Snakes a G!"
by EMENTA1 December 3, 2007
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Ramping is a setting on Mid to high-end markers(paintball guns). Ramping is when a player reaches his kick-in rate usually set at 2 or 3 pulls in a second, after these pulls the gun will then start to shoot 3 balls for every pull on the trigger. So 2 pulls = 6 balls. Usually looked down upon at a local field, ramping has changed the way paintball is played today. After it was legitimately made legal in the psp and millennium league every high end gun and some mid range guns now have the ramping presets available with setting configurations. These Configuration, though covenant, have opened a new door to cheating in the tournament scene. some players may adjust their guns so much that it is no long ramping and is full auto, or at the nppl and its feeder series the xpsl, some players will turn their kick-in value high to about 5 or 6 pulls a second to hide their ramping gun at the inspection table.
This marker comes preset with psp and millennium ramping.

There is no way hes shooting that fast, he must be ramping.
by EMENTA1 November 30, 2007
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There are two types of power hits:
When there is a group in a session usually when there isn't much weed. 1 person usually the male will hit the blunt(or whatever they are smoking) and as he exhales he blows the smoke into the mouth of a female. This can be done with the same sex but usualyl with tubes that will transfer smoke instead of mouth to mouth.
Guy: Hey baby want a power hit?
Girl: yeah
Friend: that isn't fair you guys basically get 2 hits!
by EMENTA1 August 23, 2006
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