5 definitions by EIDT

Scoring term used in the game of washers. This is when the score is tied 2-2. One may use this term to annoy his opponent(s) and insinuate that said opponent just took 2 fingers in their anus.
There goes 2-2 in your poo poo. Mike just took two in the poo.
by EIDT December 02, 2014
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Radio show hosted by professional dump taker, Dr. Chase. Includes audio of a big dump taken live on the air along with political, music, sports, and pop culture discussion and commentary.
Today's episode of Big Dump Live was the shit...literally.
by EIDT September 20, 2014
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Term used to describe mexican gibberish that is classified as a bunch of bullshit.
Tell Juan to shut the fuck up with all that De Donde bullshit and learn to speak English!
by EIDT December 05, 2014
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The act of urinating on a pile of fresh excrement. This is usually done by humans after they take a tremendous dump.
After a taking a tremendous dump, it's always important that you piss on the dump
by EIDT August 17, 2014
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Simalar to the "Ice Bucket Challange", accept the ice water is replaced with urine and excremiment. The challenge is often issued to someone that you don't like.
by EIDT December 05, 2014
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