3 definitions by EEEEamon

An unflattering term for someone who's in the Trump death cult but doesn't know it and is totally lost; a social outcast who rejects reality and truth

See also KAGgat
He used to be a good person but he became a flaming MAGAT so I stopped being his friend.
by EEEEamon November 26, 2020
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Fake taxonomic name that means stupid being and the antithesis to Homo sapiens. Homo stultii can be found in places like Walmart or whom are your typical redneck Bubba Trump supporters. They live on trash like Sonic and disinformation such as OANN.
The last election gave rise to an entirely new breed: Homo stultus, where 73 million people voted for Donald Trump and they think they won.
by EEEEamon November 26, 2020
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noun and collective noun. The condensation that results from the breath on corrective lenses when wearing a mask or facial covering, resulting in impeding sight.
The fog-eye was particularly bad this morning. I had to take off my glasses.
by EEEEamon November 08, 2021
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