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(n) Daxter: A person who makes a bold yet patently stupid prediction about a sporting event giving incentive to the other team to destroy the predictor.
(v) Daxtered: The act of making a bold and patently stupid prediction resulting in obliteration and humiliation of the predictor.
There is no chance West Virginia is going to beat Kentucky. You are such a Daxter.
Wow you Daxtered that one. Kentucky doubled your score.
by ECat March 27, 2015
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The act of muting your TV speakers when Dick Vitale is calling the game you want to enjoy watching.
I turned on the basketball game that I was psyched to watch but saw that Dick Vitale was the announcer. Rather than listen to him try yap and promote Duke throughout the game I pushed mute to de-dickify the speakers.
by ECat March 12, 2017
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