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A pcp/coke based ecstasy .
When taken with a clear mind, affects include happiness and hallucinogenic trips.
When taken with a clogged up mind, affects are feeling like you're going to die, anxiousness, seeing bad images, ect.
Dawn was rolling so hard on pink butterfly, she started climbing up this guys closet saying she wanted to be in Narnia.
by E-tarded Hottie September 26, 2009
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A meth-based ecstasy.

Will make you jittery and alert. You could probably take a test on green machine, or do something that requires a lot of focus. Makes everything pop out. If your mind is cleared before you pop it, you will feel energized and happy.
If you're taking it to get escape reality cause you're stressed, side effects are being angsty, paranoia, depression.
I'm on green machine right now.
by E-tarded Hottie September 03, 2009
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