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(n.) a fucksqueeze is achieved when the word fucking is inserted into another word in order to intensify it; a modern portfuckingmanteau
A: "Wow, these nachos are really good."
B: "Good!? They're unbefuckinglievable!!!"
A: "Hey, nice fucksqueeze."
by Dylanphile November 16, 2010

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(adj.) having a variety of sexual uses or functions
Wow, this three-headed dildo is a multifucktional wonder!
by Dylanphile November 16, 2010

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(adj.) describes the feeling of utter lethargy experienced after eating copious amounts of turkey
A: "Oh my god, I think I ate too much turkey. I feel like I'm going into a coma."

B: "Man, you're tryptophucked."
by Dylanphile February 01, 2011

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(n.) a person who posts redundant definitions to Urban Dictionary.
Joe: "Hey, I'm gonna add a word to Urban Dictionary."
Frank: "Oh yeah? Which word?"
Joe: "Booty."
Frank: "But there are already more than 100 definitions for that word. Is your definition original?"
Joe: "No, not at all."
Frank: "That makes you a total urban redun-dunce."
by Dylanphile January 19, 2012

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