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pants usually worn by weightlifting douchebags with permed mullets and half shirts or very fat guys. Brightly colored, usually with sport teams or camo.
I want to pull down Dustin Diamonds zubaz and give him the rim job of his life.
by Dustin Diamond's Gay Lover August 05, 2004

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Also known as "the Frida"
It's similar to a Dirty Sanchez - except instead of smearing poo under the nose - you smear it over the eyebrows forming a shit unibrow - much like the painter Frida Kahlo.
I was having some hot gay sex with a man who looked like Dustin Diamond, and I gave him a Frida Kahlo.
by Dustin Diamond's Gay Lover September 07, 2004

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Have you ever seen a Native American woman wearing one of those big colorfull dresses? They don't wear underwear underneath and they will squat wherever they have to go bathroom, the dress hides the whole process, so when they get up a spot appears out of nowhere.
She made an Indian Accident in the aisle of walmart becuase she drank a lot of fire water in the parking lot and was to lazy to go to the restroom. Yahtahey!
by Dustin Diamond's Gay Lover July 30, 2004

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