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Adjective of being extremely cool; wickedly awesome and/or amazing
That mustache sock is SO wickedjamminawesome!
by Dusk December 19, 2004
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A window comprised of a series of close-fitting, coloured glass pieces, often coming together to form a pattern or picture. Examples can be seen in churches and cathedrals throughout the land.
"Oh look - A stained glass window. If it wasn't for that stained glass window, there would just be a big hole there. Yay for stained glass windows"
by Dusk September 06, 2003
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a principle of reasoning created by humans to find some sense in the world; it is in fact nonexistent
Why is this? I ask. "Because it's logical," you say. But what is this thing called logic?
by Dusk January 02, 2005
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