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An insignificant group of islands in the South Pacific inhabited by 55 million sheep, 4.5 million of which think they are human.
American: "Are you British?"
New Zealander: "Nah mate, I'm from New Zealand."
American: *blank stare*

English bartender: "What's it to be guv?"
New Zealander: "A pint of lager thanks."
English bartender: "I see your cricketers beat us in the Ashes again."
by Dunners_boi October 4, 2010
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Over the course of the day:

Parent: "Have you done your homework?"
Child: "Yeah"
PArent: "Did you eat a good breakfast?"
Child: "Yeah"
Parent: "Now don't be late home from school!"
Child: "Nah"
Parent: "Is the Math test today?"
Child: "Dunno"
Parent: "Well I hope you've done enough studay to get a good grade!"
Child: "Maybe"

The child showed remarkable forbearance.
by Dunners_boi October 13, 2010
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