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Yell typing. Pounding on the keyboard extra hard because your yelling what you're typing. Not to be confused with Yelping, searching for restaurants on Yelp.
Damn, she must be mad at whoever she's writing to. I can hear her yellping from all the way over here.
by Duece79 August 21, 2016

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The point in life when you can clearly see that one ball hangs lower than the other.
The 30's sucked. First time I had to wear glasses, gained about 20 pounds and developed ABD (Advanced Ball Discrepancy).
by Duece79 September 02, 2016

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Not being able to leave your stall after taking a crap in a public bathroom as others are still in the bathroom. Usually over the fear of people knowing it was you that stunk up the whole room.
(Text) Friend: "Dude, where you at? Been waiting in the parking lot for 5 mins!" You: "Sorry man, I'm crap trapped. Should be able to exit soon."
by Duece79 September 02, 2016

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The guy in the office who uses his fingers to rip off a piece of a muffin, bagel or donut from what was brought in for the office to share, and puts what's left of it back onto the plate, as if anyone would ever eat the rest.
Person #1: Hey, who put this half eaten donut back on the plate? Person #2: Who do you think, of course, the office dick.
by Duece79 October 18, 2017

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When immediately after sex you cannot remember why it was you decided to have sex with this person in the first place. Experienced more by men, but not exclusively. This is not a medical emergency as the symptoms typically fade within 24 hours at which time you want to have sex with that person again.
Seconds after sex...
Girl to Boy: Hey, that was amazing. You're so hot!
Boy to Girl: Who are you and how did I get here?
Girl to Boy: Oh no, bad case of Sexual Amnesia. Here's my number, call me tomorrow.
by Duece79 May 10, 2018

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What is said to you if you are either too old to be hot, or just plain not attractive.
Friend #1: Hey man, you see that girl I was with at the bar on Friday? Not bad, right? Friend #2: Dude, not hot. Friend #1: Well, she was in good shape. Friend #2: Agree, she was in good shape.
by Duece79 November 06, 2017

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The act of sitting a fat girl's chest and jerking off, trying to get long ropes of cum to encircle the girl's face. Not to be confused with roping the rat, where the act is the same, but with a very skinny girl.
Man 1: So what ever happened with you and that fat girl from the bar? Man 2: We went back to her place, banged for a big, then I sat on her tits and started roping the pig.
by Duece79 September 19, 2018

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