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A "tony" is used to refer to a hot chick or a dime piece. Now there are multiple ways to describe tonies, whether it be that she is a "quarter tone" (you ain't sure if it's truly worth it but maybe if you were drunk and she was dressed up) "half a tone" (she's alright) "potential tone" (if she were to dress up then you'd have sex with her) a "capital T" (a 9 or 10) or "certified tony (CT)" (a mother fucking dime piece.) All are used to rate women. Don't like the word? Well use it yourself amongst your friends and colleagues and see what I mean. You'll be able to talk about chicks right in front of their faces without giving away what you all are truly discussing. It's becoming an epidemic, so start using it before women find out what we're ALL talking about.

*If you are a tool, you are not allowed to use this word in any circumstances.
"Hey man what you doing this weekend for the Super Booooowwwlllll....... dayum did you see that tony just walk by?"

"No, but did you see that CT walk out of whitehall? Captial T for sure. Wait what did you ask me?"
by Dude__Man February 02, 2012

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