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A gay male who enters into a relationship with another gay male solely for monetary gain; A gay gold digger.
Do you think Barney Frank's boy toy is in it for his looks? Of course not. He's a pooper scooper.
by Dub Dub Lifer November 24, 2010

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The chemical process through which alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood stream through the rectal walls, as a result of anal alcohol consumption.
Cory passed out last night. I guess the assmosis really caught up with him.
by Dub Dub Lifer November 23, 2010

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Custom single-finger glove designed to cover a surgically installed anus on the tip of one's own left index finger.
Did you hear about the Asian guy born without an anus? He saved his money until he was 55 so he could finally get it plumbed. Hope he had enough savings leftover for his Poo Finger.
by Dub Dub Lifer March 28, 2011

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