2 definitions by Drunkbum222

What you offer to a noob that is in some way complaining or crying. Also see Wambulance French Cries and care police
Noob: God you people make me so angry.

Person A: Shall we get you some French cries and a wamburger while the care police come to assist the wambulance?
by Drunkbum222 November 27, 2006
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Kid 1 "How do you side jump like that."
Me "RTFM."
Kid 1 "Whats RTFM?"
Me "Read The Fucking Manual, what are you dumb?"
Kid 1 "Sorry if I don't use internet slang in everyday life."
Rest of class "LOL"
by Drunkbum222 December 5, 2006
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