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A genre of nineties British music. Not actually as poppy as the name suggests, it's a form of alternative/indie rock, often heavily influenced by The Smiths and/or David Bowie. Often male singers, but certainly not always. Look at Elastica. (despite the fact that I hate Justine Frischmann, I have to admit they are a good band.) Usually the singer will have a pronounced British (duh) accent.

Britpop bands include Oasis, Suede, (one of the best bands ever despite the fact that they never made it big in the US. Much better songs than Blur. A much better singer than Blur. Generally better than Blur in my opinion. And Blur are good.) Elastica, Blur etc.
My mother: What is that awful noise?? Are you playing various Britpop bands of the nineties again and dancing and screaming in your room with two other friends who are also obsessed with Brett Anderson?
Me: YES!
by Drowner April 06, 2009
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Frequently thought to be worn only by emos. Black glasses with thick plastic frames. Can look attractive if worn right. Normally people presume that -
a. If you wear these glasses, you are an emo/poser
b. People who wear these glasses wear them purely for the look. They are never prescription.
However this is wrong. I know because I wear black, thick framed plastic nerdglasses. I am not an emo, (though I have nothing against emos except for the fact that people stereotype me as one) in fact I got these glasses as a mark of respect to The Smiths, one of my favoruite (definitely not emo) bands, because Morrissey used to wear nerdglasses. This probably does make me a poser. But not an emo.
And my glasses are also prescription. I can't see without them. I just decided to get a nice and vaguely original pair if I had to have them at all.
girl: Hey, love the nerdglasses! You must be really emo, right?
me: Er, no. I need these to see.
by Drowner April 06, 2009
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