3 definitions by DreamKamz

To be screwed over by someone, to get manipulated out of money. To sleep with their partners multiple friends, to be narked on,to nark on someone to get out of chargesGeiss to manipulate out of money.
I got geissed out of 1400$, My girl geissed three of my friends while I was in jail, She totally geissed me to get out of trouble, I didn't know she was a Geiss
by DreamKamz October 24, 2019
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These two older chicks wanna have a milfsome with me
by DreamKamz October 24, 2019
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A young man who goes after older women in an attempt to control them sexually. To seduce a much older woman and make her obsessed with you
This little milfwhipper ruined my marriage by seducing me while my man was in jail. That milfwhipper fucked my mom and got me thrown out and moved in.
by DreamKamz October 24, 2019
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