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the biblical bringers of the appocolypse, and a badass Metallica song. they are as follows:time,famine,pestilence, and finally death. pretty cool huh?
horsemen are drawing nearer on leather steads they ride they've come to take your life. on through the dead of night with the four horsemen ride or choose your fate and die!!!!!!!(bitches)
by BIGNIPPLESRBAD April 19, 2005
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The most feared and elite wrestling group ever. It's best incarnation was it's original lineup of "Nature Boy" Ric flair, Ole anderson, "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard and were managed by James J. Dillion.
The group got weaker as time went on but, had some notable members in it's later days such as Barry Windham, Brian Pillman,Chris Benoit and Lex
Luger. The nWo and Dengeneration X would have never existed if it weren't for The Four Horsemen. The closest thing to The Four horsemen was Evolution in the WWE.

The Four Horseman partied like rock stars, spent a fortune, made a fortune and looked and acted like total pimps. The best thing about the Horsemen were they would all talk a ton of shit then completely back it up by kicking peoples asses and sometimes crippling them. Like they did to Dusty Rhodes on more than one occasion.
Man no one could be as cool and as bad ass as the Four Horseman. They talked the talk walked the walk kicked everyone ass and got all the women. Diamonds are forever and so are The Four Horsemen!

Man, don't mess with Ric Flair he'll get the rest of The Four Horsemen to beat your ass down!
by O.G. Junior Mint May 29, 2008
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Four horse riders of the apocalypse known as Death, Famine, Pestalince, and War. also a really kick ass metallica song except the horsemen in the song are: war, death, time, and famine
the four horsemen will bring the world to its knees and all will perish
by Dreaded Pepper February 11, 2011
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Contrary to popular belief, it is not an elite wrestling group nor are they the biblical bringers of the appocolypse. It is a sexual act where you stick four fingers in the anus. The fingers are stuck out as if you were holding up the number four, unlike the arthritic ridden fingers of the wrestling group.
Watch out, babe. The four horsemen are coming! WOOOO!
by Fook Fung January 20, 2011
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A sexual act involving four, foreplay actions in one. A man does this to a woman. 1. Eating the pussy 2. Fingering the pussy 3. Pinching a nipple 4. Fingering or tickling the asshole. All four acts must be done simultaneously. She'll go crazy.
Dude, I was with my girl last night. I ate her out, fingered her, pinched her nipples, and tickled her asshole. I call it The Four Horsemen. She was squirting and writhing all over the place.
by The Ganoosh September 01, 2014
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