5 definitions by Drake Dracoli

An awsome multi-legged creature that most people hate for no logical reasoning. There are well over 3,000 species of centipedes in this world, many of which can grow well over a foot and a half in length. Centipedes are the companions of the elite. Any amature trying to handle a centipede will probably get bit; they'll probably deserve it too.
I have a pet centipede. He is better than you, and your children.
by Drake Dracoli August 18, 2003
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A person who supports United State policies, at the same time getting upset when another country used the same policy towards them. They are convinced that the media is run by liberals and communists; because we all know Karl Marx loved moneyline.
by Drake Dracoli June 08, 2003
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The attitude one has when they feel that they or their ideology is superior to all others.
"The Right-Wing talk show host refuses to acknowledge anyone elses opinion. He needs to cut back on the elitism!"
by Drake Dracoli September 14, 2003
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I know the guy. A leninist, last time I checked. He's a cool guy, except for that wierd period of intense hatred towards me he had at one point.
by Drake Dracoli November 01, 2003
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An flash program designed to give people seizures.
'Hey Bob! I found this cool thing called Kung Fu Phil! It has a picture of a -- ' *THUD* *TWITCH*
by Drake Dracoli June 10, 2003
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