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The act of shiting upon a womens tits, and proceding to titty fuck her.
"I gave her a Texas Chile dog that she will never forget. I later washed my dick and had a cold beer."
by Drabe August 09, 2007

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Greech can be used in various situations. It is functional as a noun, verb or adjective. This word stems from the Minneapolis baby bricks area(South Minneapolis),and is well known among the Greech mob. If it is your boy you call him a Greech. If someone is being a buster he could also be called a Greech. Females can also be known as a greech. Greeches versatility is endless.
"What up Greech?"

"Not shit fam but some greechy mother fuckin bitch was talking shit earlier, and I had to grab that greeches tits,and give her a Texas Chile Dog."

"Damn Greech that is come nasty shit"

"I'm already knowin' Greech"
by Drabe August 09, 2007

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A horribly nasty beer. The name of the beer stems from the first name of St. Paul,MN. St. Paul was originally called Pig's Eye, named after a trader and tavern owner named Pig's Eye Parrant. Later changed by catholic immigrants who thought St. Paul was a more appealing name to new citizens.
"Hey Jim pass me another Pig's Eye." Tom remarked.
"Fuck you Tom!" Exclamed Jim.
by drabe November 02, 2007

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