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The group of people you see at every single convention you go to in one state. They have friends who work at every convention and run most of the pre-con meetups. If you offend them in some way, they will make it so you never want to go to a convention ever again as long as they are going to be their.
Man 1: I need to find a way to please the Con Mafia.
Man 2: Why? What did you do?
Man 1: I didn't save all four of them a seat form closing ceremony at the last con I was at.
by DrMaskWolf June 12, 2010
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A shadow cast is when there is screening of a movie and people will shadow the movie in costume. Most known for the Rocky Horror Picture Show having thousands of shadow casts in America. All of the time they will be held at night or in the morning so the theater won't loose any money showing it. Also the group performing needs to rent the movie from the company that realsed the film. Most of the time the shadow cast is of cult films.
That shadow cast of Repo The Genetic Opera was way better then that Rocky Horror Picture one.
by DrMaskWolf January 14, 2011
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(verb) A term for all the times in a sci-fi show and/or movie that a character has sex with an alien. A reference to Captian Kirk from Star Trek, often used in a phrase such as "Kirking it up"
Commander Richer from Star Trek Next Generation kirking it up a lot this episode.
by DrMaskWolf February 10, 2011
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