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A gambling term that means you are up and winning a lot of money. Pumping feels even better when you were previously dumping.
Jackson was dumping for the first hour in his poker session, but then he started pumping once everyone thought he was a moron and they started calling him. He pumped everyone's chips away except for that sweet old ladies!
by DrDumpenstein February 18, 2011

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1. A gambling term referring to the act of playing poorly early on in order to create the perception of being a bad or losing player, when in fact you are quite skillful and will likely win much more money than you may have lost while you were false advertising.

2. A gambling term referring to losing a large portion or all of your chips, usually in very few hands with really bad cards making very bad plays.
1. "I was dumping my first couple of hands at the $1,000 Holdem Tournament, but after that, the players started paying me off everytime I had a hand and I won the whole tournament!"

2. "That idiot was chip leader 4 hands ago, and now he's out because he wouldn't fold his 23 of hearts. What a dumping!"
by DrDumpenstein February 18, 2011

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