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A living organism that has fall in love to Janice for exactly 5 years. This living organism has the ability to reproduce so-called G-HORMONES when his ass is 0.5m above ground level, G-HORMONES increase one's arouse-ment rate (AR) by 5cm/s. This organism is a symbolism of "hard working but never works=HWNW" which was one of predominant philosophical concept of Dr.Momo during the 70s.
"Jeffray" can be used anytime, any where.
Dr.Momo: Hey, man, why could i never get her?
Mr. V: Jeffray~~~

Dr.Momo:That teacher, sighs... fail at teaching
Mr.V: shit
Dr.Momo: wtf?
Mr.V: Jeffray~~~
by Dr. Momo November 19, 2012

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