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1. An expression of amusement when someone says, "bong".

2. The sound of hitting someone with a frying pan. See Tangled (Disney, 2010) for reference.
Person 1: Heheheheh! I totally OWN you!! Heheheheh!

Person 2: Ha-bong!!

Person 1: Ouch.
by Dr. Bomb December 09, 2010

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When you were just about to do something in the internetz, but you suddenly can't can't because you have instantaneously forgotton what it was due to overstimulation, consider yourself netblitzed.

Can also be used in situations when your brain simply does not work properly for a while. Spelling errors abound. Log-ins fail. Entire email accounts are forgotten. For example, see paragraph 1, above.
Author of netblitzed intended for a straight definition, but somehow, errors/netspeak crept in. He/she had themselves, indeed, been netblitzed.
by Dr. Bomb December 07, 2010

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v. To intentionally continue with a certain, drastically unwise course of action despite the fact that it will most assuredly not end well.

Verb form of the following definition:

n. An extreme form of a noob (def #6); used to describe someone so noobish that they pose an actual physical threat to themselves and their surroundings, and to society in general. The scariest things about this (thankfully) minority group are that their noobishness is willful and carefully maintained (i.e., they use it as a weapon of sorts), and that they act as a group. Their leader is known in most circles as "Teh Uberfloob", but may also be referred to as the King Troll, S@tan or R.O.G.E.R..
"I know what I'm doing is wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway, because I'm the most awesome person in any place at any given time and there is nothing anyone else can say about it," said the floob as she went ahead and floobed through the next hour of her life, not knowing it was going to end up a flam.
by Dr. Bomb November 17, 2010

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Said to somebody who has been beaten/pwned/-o'd so badly that they will never recover.
HA!! You just got p'wnd! BETTER LUCK LAST TIME!!
by Dr. Bomb December 09, 2010

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Hit by a frying pan.
Person 1: What say we flame this nubian?

Person 2: What? I think you have completely misjudged me. No chance in hell.

Person 1: Ack. I have just been -o'd.
by Dr. Bomb December 09, 2010

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v. To attempt to insult (or flame) the wrong person, i.e. someone who turns out to have way more control of a situation than it would seem from the outside.
If a mobster found him or herself at a party and proceeded to insult another one of the partygoers, only to find out later that the other partygoer turned out to be the new D.A. with a mad-on for mobsters, this would be considered a flam.
by Dr. Bomb November 17, 2010

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