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1. (Everywhere except France): An overtly sexual act, to kiss with tongues.

2. (France only) An overtly non-sexual act, to greet somebody by giving them a light peck on each cheek. This is a traditional gesture, even between members of the same sex.
Frenchman: Every day since we married, my wife kisses me in ze traditional French manner.
Englishman: Bloody hell! Ever since we married, my wife never does, as she always has a headache!
by Dr Pinch April 12, 2005

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The excuse par excellence if you are caught in the act of adultery.
Husband: YOU! What are you doing with my wife???
Adulterer: Well, seeing as I knew you were going to bone her later, I thought I would save you some trouble by doing the foreplay for you.
Husband: Oh, that's very considerate of you, old chap, you are such a true friend, etc etc
by Dr Pinch February 14, 2006

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Sexual intercourse.

The actual expression is hundreds of years old, and was made famous by Shakespeare in Othello.
BRABANTIO: What profane wretch art thou?
IAGO: I am one, sir, that comes to tell you, your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.

(Othello, Act 1, Scene 1).
by Dr Pinch April 12, 2005

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Funk-genius who lead Parliament andFunkadelic, and was behind a load of others such as Bootsy's Rubber Band, Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns, etc etc. Now a solo-artist. Directly inspired acts like Prince and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. His back-catalogue has often been sampled by zillions of hip-hop artists.
"He is The Funk!" - Prince
by Dr Pinch April 18, 2005

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1. A territory between India and Pakistan, the subject of international dispute between the two countries.

2. One of Led Zeppelin's better songs. In fact, Robert Plant was nowhere near Kashmir when he wrote the lyrics to this. He was actually a continent away in Africa - driving through the desert in Morocco!
Oh Father of the four winds fill my sails...
by Dr Pinch May 02, 2005

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A place off the Atlanta freeway, which is set right back in the middle of a field. It has glitter on the front porch and mattress, and has a tin roof, rusted.
The Love Shack is a little place where we can get together.
by Dr Pinch April 18, 2005

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1. A form of Jewish Mysticism, dating back at least to the 12th Century or even earlier. Kabbalists themselves say it dates back to just after Adam was expelled from the garden of Eden. From mediaeval times, the Kabbalah has been "borrowed" by Christian alchemists and ritual magicians.

Note that real magicians do not charge money for spiritual enlightenment.

2. A cult invented in the 1960s by a fake Rabbi called Michael Berg. He basically just read all the books on the subject and created a million-pound enterprise aimed at getting money out of gullible celebrities like Madonna, etc.
1. Isaac Luria (famous mediaeval Kabbalist): The way to enlightenment is to meditate upon the secret teachings which the Lord has hidden within the scriptures.

2. Michael Berg: The way to enlightenment is to pay me $200 for some old tat that was already available free or next to nothing anyway.
by Dr Pinch October 22, 2004

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