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Person/People who think metallica is the greatest band in the world/existence. Known to blare that shitty ass group of cocksucker's music as loud as possible, usually within the vicinity of people who either hate, despise, or fucking want to shit down the neck of metallica (Especially at the notion that lars ulrich is the greatest drummer that ever lived) they often wear faded jeans, have really long fluffy hair that was only cool in the fucking 80's (for whatever reason) and a general misunderstanding of females.
"Dude man, Lars Ulrich is the greatest drummer ever, i mean he invented double bass!"

"uh actually ringo starr was the first to use double bass, dumb ass."

'Every song of theirs sounds the exact same."

'Oh yes, and you should cut your hair too, just like they did when they sold out"

*music blaring through shitty speakers, makes you want to punch babies* "fucking metallifags"
by Donix February 02, 2011
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