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Thechibi gundamof SD Gundam Force and protecter of Neotopia. He has a re-equipring that permits him to transform from civillian mode to combat mode. He's kinda stiff and doesn't understand emotions. He has a souldrive and is Shute's best friend. He has recieved special dispensation to use firearms in the protection of Neotopia and suggests that the enemy lay down their weapons and whithdrawl at once.
This is Captain Gundam! He's my best friend.
by Dogman November 30, 2003

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to shut up when you are peeing
fuck you ya shutapy im pissin'
by dogman September 13, 2003

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The name of a song by the band, 'They Might Be Giants'
no is no, no is always no...
by Dogman April 19, 2004

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Super Dimensional Guard

The force that has a base in the sky and is very secretive. They work to keep the dimensions stable and to maintain the peace of Neotopia.
The SDG base hangs from a sattelite.
by Dogman November 30, 2003

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